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submerged. strong rain, wind and snow continues as the storm moves north. reporting for abc news, new york. >> on top of all of that, imagine having a baby during the super storm and you get to the hospital. the hospital loses power and you have to evacuate. >> in happened to terrified parents in new york city moving newborns from the critical care uniony. nurses and the paramedics carried 20 babies from the ninth floor down the stairwell. one baby was born premature and with a heart condition. the mother is grateful. >> i'm very grateful. without them, me daughter may not have been here. >> once the babies and the mothers were taken out, they were taken to another nearby
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hospital, one that had their power. you want to make sure that halloween is full of fun, not fright. we'll tell you what you can do to keep your kids safe. >> if going door to door asking for candy isn't your thing, we have an alternative option. where to go for a spooky halloween night. >> as we take a look at the ocean city pier, what's left of it, it reminds us we're within 100 miles of the destruction up north.
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this is what they've been look forward to all year, going out tonight and collecting all that candy on halloween. but what about keeping your trick or treaters safe. make sure they use the sidewalk. don't cut across yards. don't go down dark all cries or take -- alleys or take candy from cars. >> you want to make sure that your own house and your neighbors' houses are child proof for safety. that means all of the stuff that
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you accumulate in the front yard needs to be cleared out. >> make sure your outdoor lights are working and consider letting your little one carry a cell phone. american apparel is getting a lot of backlash after trying to capitalize on superstorm sandy. they sent out an ad saying that people can shop if they're bored. people were upset that the company with try it make mon am i off a deadly storm. >> if your house is on the market, be careful what you may see on the listing. and, also, they're still haunting us. we'll take you inside a local ghost tour trying to dig up the haunted history.
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anncr: it's endorsed by business leaders... small business owner: question seven means thousands of jobs... in baltimore and across maryland... anncr: and labor groups... construction worker: question seven lets us bring good jobs... back home. anncr: the teachers back it... teacher: millions of dollars will go to our schools... and not other states. anncr: and so do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven.
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tousing our superstorm sandy -- continuing our superstorm sandy coverage. >> abc2 news roosevelt leftwich reports on the cleanup. >> reporter: the cleanup continues. folks in cecil county thought they road the storm out pretty well but one family has a heck of a story to tell. the eastern shore is very flat. in these fields you can grow just about anything here, including, very, very tall trees. when they fall, you can hear it all over cecil.
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this tree came crashing through the roof of her kitchen. it looks bad on the outside. inside it's even worse. kelly was three steps from the doorway and saw it happen. >> i heard a loud crash, snapping sound, looked up to see the rain and the wind and the tree running through the middle of my kitchen. >> years ago he said this was a model kitchen because of the chestnut cabinets and modern styling. his air-conditioning and heating unit are right under it and they are trying to delicately balance the tree and root ball. >> are you the luckiest oren luckiest man in cecil? >> i feel lucky in that nobody
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got hurt. it's pretty shocking but i'm not that upset about it. like i said, nobody got hurt. i'll get a new kitchen. >> reporter: kelly said a few years ago he had a similar tree fall down because he thought that one would fall. this one he had no concerns about. in cecilton, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. look at this red house maryland. 30 inches of snow from super storm sandy. garrett county, maryland, at the top of the snow totals and impact. it's interesting. davis, west virginia. we're talking about snow over a foot and half in gatlinburg. how about that for storm reach.
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the from theburg mountains, still snow showers to the west. salisbury university, big rivals. plenty of snow pack. don't know about the situation getting in there to go skiing. hey, skies will remain cloudy. i think we're going to stay nice and dry. frederick to the west. watching it closely. moss of it dead not fall in the susquehanna basin. that has not been a situation where he would get near flood stage. good us in for all points along
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the sus question an na. river coming over the banks. the potomac over flood stage. eight inches on the moderate end. you can see why the susquehanna is not in the heaviest rain zone, six, seven inches. there parts of the eastern shore, the totals were huge, pushing 107 inches or higher. current winds are from the west around 6 to 12. zoom. you can seat temperatures are cool -- see the temperatures are cool tonight for the trick or treaters. we will be impacted by sandy and northwest wind flow. it has changed our weather pattern from the indian summer when we saw temperatures well
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into the 70s on and off for days. now we can't seem to get back to normal. normal seems to be mid-60s. we can't seem to get there. it keeps drawing in the cool canadian breezes. temperatures running cool tonight, overnight tomorrow night. it makes this tough to get out of the 50s by day. rain staying north upstate new york. here's the setup for you tonight. 38 degrees. spooky. chilly to the bone. tomorrow 53 though with a west breeze and the next couple of days pretty good weather on tap, relatively speak, just a little breezy and below average temperatures through the outlook. really, it is impressive. a storm that size can change the whole weather pattern. instead of 70s and seasonable 60s, we're having a tough time getting out of the 40s.
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>> garrett county can have it all. >> i agree. i'm just trying to pre. thinking about listing your home for sale? >> sales are starting to rebound and prices are moving up after a five-year fall. if you're thinking of putting your house on the market after the new year, you may want to know some secret words. no one want as for sale sign to sit in front of their house. the words in your ad could mean the difference between a quick sale and long winter. the best terms, move-in condition. those homes sell 12% faster. another good term, great starter home, which implies affordable. three stall garage, gourmet kitchen and granite countertops.
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just don't call an average kitchen a gourmet one. words that hurt your home, motivated seller is not a good term. it help thes at problems. cute and charming imply tiny rooms. doesn't that stink? also bad, needs some tlc, which suggests the place looks like a haunted halloween house. timing is as important has how your ad is porchlt most home sales take place between april and july but realtors say if you don't want a lot of competition, put it on the market during the holiday see sornings especially if it is quote in move-in condition. again, don't waist your money. i'm john matarese. one of the people showing up
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to cast a vote, governor martin o'malley. he said early voting will be back on track. >> thanks to some efforts all across the street, including our courageous neighbors in garrett county, every polling place opened at 8 a.m. and will have extended hours for the remaining three days of voting, wednesday, thursday and friday. that should allow us to make up for the most part the hours we lost. >> two complete days. >> look at the line for this. it's going to be not crowded on election day. >> actually worse than president first day of the weekend coverage. >> the polls will be open for early voting today. hours will be 8 in the morning in the 9:00. president obama is off the campaign trail again today. >> he was touring the disaster zone in new jersey, following
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hurricane sandy. tory dunnan joins us from washington. i'm sure he had a busy trip when he was with governor chris christie, correct? >> reporter: this is an unusual sight to see, to see president obama traveling around the state with governor chris christie. you have to remember that chris christie is a top surrogate for mitt romney and the keynote speaker at the republican national convention. the president had this message for voters. >> we need to make sure that everybody whose lost a loved one know they're in our thoughts and prayers. we are here for you. we will follow up to make sure you get all the help you need until you rebuild. >> reporter: so far his team has said tomorrow he will be back on
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the trail and making stops in wisconsin, colorado and also nevada. >> so meanwhile, mitt romney resumes campaigning in the battleground of florida. seems like he's backing off the rhetoric a little bit. >> reporter: he's trying to strike this positive tone as he gets back out there on the campaign trail. today he has three different stops in that battleground of florida. he touched on the deviation along the east coast and didn't mention the opportunity to make a pitch to voters. >> 23 million people struggling to find a good job. this is something that, in my view, require last different path. i believe this is the year for us to take a different course. ly bring real change and real reform and a president that will bring us together. >> reporter: it's not just the candidate who will be getting that emergency out.
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the romney campaign announced they are kicking off a four-day tour and giving out 100 surrogates. this is a last-minute campaign blitz. some of the names include former secretary of state condoleezza rice as well as john mccain. >> thank you. we will see you tomorrow. we've shown you the pictures of oat heat -- ocean city during sandy. >> it's known for the annual clam bake at summers cove. emergency workers are responding to calls at one of the hardest hit areas in maryland. governor o'malley visited crisfield today. he promised the mayor and people living there that the state would dedicate all of its
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resources. >> what we will do is make sure we bring the human services together. whatever dollars the federal government makes available to get people back in their homes has quickly as possible. >> reporter: about 60 people were evacuated because of severe winds and flooding. the soil is so saturated, there's standing water almost everywhere you look from large chunks of wood though dangerous wood planks. the water and wind moved it everywhere. practically everybody in crisfield was affected by the storm. even the police department didn't fair to well. there's a gaping hole in the roof of the police station. he and his daughter came to the city dock to take pictures today. he didn't escape the fury of sandy. >> didn't have wart damage --
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water damage in the house but had a lot of damage in the garage. >> reporter: mark bradshaw had water in his house and shingles ripped off the roof. >> we need help. a lot of people don't have a home to go to. >> reporter: in crisfield, don harrison, abc2 news. >> the governors will toured damage. coming up, thousands of our neighbors will go to bed in the cold and the dark. the latest to get your lights back on. the baltimore humane society is also without lights. how you can help them care for the dogs. now here's a preview of what's ahead on world series news at 6:30. brand-new pictures from the storm zone. the national guard stepping in and we are there in a race
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against time.
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looking for something to do, how about a ghost tour. >> there as one heading through fells point. >> it has a reputation for fun nights. >> there's a lot of spiritual activity that tends to occur on this little alley. no one knows why. >> he says that fells point could be a portal to the after life. >> it's rumored off 300 bodies are buried underneath where we
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stand. to me that explains why there's so much paranormal activity. >> reporter: he points out the unexplained. >> sometimes you'll see gentleman who looks out of time, out of place, walking very slowly up the street. he looks toward it and behind him and disappears. looks like he's looking toward death and looking back at life and not and death wins. >> reporter: the fear of the unknowns. >> even when you work with ghosts all the time, it's terrifying. >> reporter: whether looking for spirits in the glass, fells point has both. >> it's about uncovering the mystery and telling people about how much mystery still exists around here, never expecting it. it's over 300 years of the most haunting history in baltimore.
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>> that's good stuff right there. >> whether it's halloween or not, you'll probably be doing trick or treating. >> knock, knock, knock. what you need to do to be mindful. thousands still in the dark hoping for the power to come back on before they spend another night wrapped in blankets and sweaters. >> and how the staff is dealing with cold scared doggies and cats. >> and what the eastern shore looks like tonight. flooded roads and basements, thousands of folks still in the dark. we could -- did not get the
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worst of superstorm sandy. >> people living in neighborhoods where power hasn't been restored, have been trying to stay warm. >> a little less than 38,000 people have no lights and may be in the dark another cold night. >> let's head over to meteorologist wyatt everhart with a look at how long the temperatures may go tonight. >> how close we were to a far bigger impact. thank goodness we didn't get it. sandy is still spinning the clouds. i think we'll be dry. sandy will not bring more showers but some spooky clouds hanging out. temperatures, as you head out, i think you're looking at upper 40s, but eventually in the low 40s. with a light breeze out of the west might feel like the upper 30s. so put that extra layer on. 40s. th

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